Hawthbush Farm is a 140 acre organic farm in the heart of East Sussex. Lisa and Toby live there with their two children and run several businesses from the farm, Gun brewery, Amly beauty products and they also hire the farm for weddings and events. In addition they work with Natural England under the Higher Level Stewardship scheme to protect the species rich meadows, ancient woodlands and enhance birdlife and butterflies.

The farm keeps a herd of about 25 heifers until they are old enough become milkers at local raw milk dairy Hook and Son. To see Steve in action, see the recent award winning film The Mooman.

Sustainability is key to everything on the farm. Lisa and Toby have their own water from a spring and much of our electricity usage is provided by the 15Kw solar array. All the cottages and house are heated using a central biomass boiler.

The Silver rich water from the spring is used to make the Gun beer as well as the beauty products in Amly.